Sunday, August 10, 2014

South Florida Gold Basketball

Mark Anoff
August 10, 2014

For the past few days I have been writing about the TEAM. I've written about our head coach, Ken Mitchell and I wrote an article talking about his little general, Rascal Haynes. Yesterday I published a post talking about being involved with a new direct selling company, AppsBuzzing.
Today I will write a little about the TEAM, South Florida Gold. South Florida Gold is entering it's second season in the American Basketball Association. These are the same basketballers that introduced the "DUNK", the 3 point shot and so many other innovations in modern day basketball. South Florida Gold is very proud of the past history of the ABA and very proud to be in a position to assist in the promotion of our players and coaches to the next level. We understand their can only be one giant and in our case its the NBA. But that does not mean that we are inferior in product and presentation, quality and control. We are not "street ball", their are rules and officials that take extreme pride in putting it all together. Our players hustle and live to excel, they want that step up, to play in front of tens of thousands of fans. The coaches and staff do what we can to make sure it happens, that the players train and practice everyday. Nothing would make Michale and Lori happier than to see one of OUR players receive an offer to play with an NBA team. You notice that I capitalized OUR? Because we all believe we are family, there is no I in TEAM, we work as a family, share the same desires for all of our players.
Become part of the family, help us help the players and in turn we help our communities. South Florida Gold is a community based, sponsor driven TEAM, as is the ABA. Purchase tickets to our games, find our about how you can purchase merchandise also. Support our sponsors or become a sponsor. We may not be the giant but we play like we are, and we provide the absolute best value in sports and entertainment.
Whether you are a fan of the South Florida Gold or another ABA team, we appreciate the support and I know that the American Basketball Association and all the owners, players, coaches and staffs do as well. Have a great week!!  South Florida Gold ABA

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