Sunday, August 10, 2014

Talking About TEAM Players

By Mark Anoff
August 08, 2014

In yesterdays post I talked about the Leadership and Determination of the Head Coach Ken Mitchell of the American Basketball Association's SOUTH FLORIDA GOLD. Today I will talk about the coach's on the court extension, The Little General, Sheddrick "Rascal" Haynes. During the past few months I have gotten to know Rascal and how he thinks and what makes him a General on the Court and a natural born Leader off the court. This man, who likes to be called Rascal, understands the TEAM concept. Yeah, he'd like to score 40 points per game, yet he understands the importance of ball distribution. " If you are the only shooting the ball the defenders will see and start to close in on you. " he says. And of course he is very correct. Most athletes, especially the professionals, are more intelligent then most of us, they understand what goes around in their "playground". As you get to watch Rascal play this season for the SOUTH FLORIDA GOLD you will see his intelligence on the court. Rascal carries this special gift off the court, as well. He has dedicated his ideals to make the SOUTH FLORIDA GOLD, a community based, sponsor driven member of the ABA (league has same ideals) as successful off the court as on. He is contacting area businesses and bringing them aboard as sponsors and has worked within the community at charitable events, raising spirits and dollars for others. He is an individual that is a TEAM player, Rascal may be the little general but he knows it tales a TEAM to succeed. Leadership and Determination is what defines Ken Mitchell but Ken makes sure that he passes his wisdom to his players and Mr. Haynes is just one of the many TEAM players who will receive this one on one Masters Program from the coach.

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