Sunday, August 10, 2014

Leadership and Determination

By Mark Anoff
August 7, 2014

As the Chief Operating Officer of the American Basketball Association's (ABA) South Florida Gold I get to sit back and watch the ballers run up and down the court. They shoot the ball into the hoop and sometimes it goes in and sometimes it doesn't. Frustration appears on the faces of the men that want to make this team and then with frustration you have aggravation. What does not get credit is the man in the middle, the Head Coach, and in the case of the South Florida Gold that Head Coach is Ken Mitchell. Coach Ken, as I like to call him, sees this frustration as he is not that far removed from where these men are, and it's his leadership and determination that is assisting these future stars to learning to control the aggravation. Frustration comes because no one is perfect and he gets that message across to these guys. The best of the best are typically shooting just around 50%! Coach Ken has spent hours with players on a one on one basis, educating them on life, leadership and determination, on taking shots and letting things happen in real time. Coach Ken is a great leader and determined to make his players the best that they can be.

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