Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Depression Hits Us All

Mark Anoff
August 12, 2014

I was so shocked to read that Robin Williams died. I was with a couple friends last night when a message popped up on my phone, Robin Williams, dead at 63. My reaction was OH GOD! My friends asked what happened and I told them. We all assumed that he had a heart attack because we had heard he had heart problems. It was not till this morning that I heard it was a suspected suicide. I see that Sheppard Smith, one of my favorite news people, called it a cowards move. Needless to say I was puzzled that a star like Robin Williams would take his own life, he was so funny. I loved when Robin and Jonathan Winters got together. But depression? Are you depressed? Do I suffer from Depression? These are questions that are brought about during everyday occurrences? Watch television and see the advertising for almost any kind of drug and one of the most popular side effects may cause suicidal tendencies or this product may cause depression. This is why I do not take drugs.
Depression can be caused by so many things. Losing a game, an affair of the heart, a sad poem, all can create the illusion of depression. There are times that we are depressed and do not even know it. Everyone goes through a stage of depression at one point in our life especially during the loss of a loved one. Hey, I am not a doctor, its just a fact of life. The way we get over depression is an individual state of mind. I will miss being entertained by the crazy mind of Robin Williams, from Mork and Mindy to Mrs. Doubtfire to Good Morning Vietnam...rest in peace, finally

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