Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Basketball and Ballet Are They In Sync

By Mark Anoff
Aug 14, 2014

Wow, in less than 80 days South Florida Gold Basketball tips off. We play the Montgomery Black Hawks and they are visiting us from Montgomery, Alabama. And Ken Mitchell, our Head Coach was raised in Alabama, but this article is on the art of the game, not on the who in the game. I am always amazed when I watch any basketball game as to the abilities and agility of the players. It reminds me of watching a ballet (not that I have seen many ballet) the grace of the dancers who practice and practice to reach perfection. How they flow and I can equate this to basketball. These players, with the ball in their hands, can do some amazing things. Doing a 360 degree spin to make a layup is such an amazing feat.
The speed of an American Basketball Association (ABA) enables more plays of great magnitude than its counterpart (NBA) and our players, especially those on the South Florida Gold, are in shape, mentally and physically. We stress TEAM work and ball movement but when that special player starts moving like a high speed rail car there is no stopping what happens next.
Over the years I have heard stories where athletes have taken ballet courses to obtain that edge, like tip toeing on the sideline but this ability really can't be taught, it has to be in these athletes. Its part of that extra something in their DNA. As fans we do not give enough credit to the professional athlete for the intelligence they posses in their sport. To digest a 800 page playbook, to memorize thousands of plays on the court, the pitch selection to batters and what the batter looks for from the pitcher, and these can change all the time. Basketball players are in sync with ballet, they may not realize this but sit back, watch a game. Better yet, come watch the South Florida Gold during the 2014/2015 season as we play our home games at the Boynton Beach Community High School. You will be amazed at the grace on the court of Rascal Haynes, Freddie Brown, Scott Draughn, and all the other players choreographed by Ken Mitchell, our head coach.

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