Monday, November 17, 2014

Commitment and Communication Leads To Victory

Commitment and Communication Leads To Victory
by Jonathan JDOGG Lederman - Voice of The South Florida Gold

     Watch the game the announcers position one can see the level of commitment and communication from The South Florida Gold players and coaches. The Gold started off strong on Saturday night, 11/15, as the starters Chris Watson, Shedrick "Rascal" Haynes, Marquis Mathis,Scott "The Professor" Draughn, and Downtown Freedy Brown were clicking on all cylinders and led the Gold to a 55 -21 lead after the 1st quarter. The Gold would continue to play aggressively but would get into foul trouble, Coach Mitchell would call time out and make some adjustments  inserting Dante Valentine, Dezmond Brown, and Mike Pugh into the line up giving the Gold a spark of energy leading to a halftime lead of 86-47. The Gold would continue the onslaught with Gertavian Blake, Charlie "Cobra" Coley, and Jeff Romeus contributing to the scoring. The Gold would lead 131-68 after 3.  Alonzo Miller and Jarret Smith would enter the game giving The Gold added energy and momentum. The Gold would go onto to beat The Greenville Galaxy 162-79.
       On Sunday 11/16 The Gold would take to the court on a mission to stay undefeated and build momentum. One could see that the point of emphasis from Coach Mitchell and GM David Teague was communication as The Gold players were talking to each other and clearly getting in sync with one another. Shedrick "Rascal" Haynes would begin the scoring and The Gold were on their way. Mike Pugh would hit several 3's while Charlie "Cobra" Coley would show off his high flying antics adding to the excitement, Scott "The Professor" Draughn would show why he is a team leader playing tenacious defense that led to productive offense.  Downtown Freddy Brown would excite the crowd with a barrage of 3 pointers. The Gold would lead 38-23 after one. The Gold stayed committed to their game plan to run their offense and play team basketball with contributions from Dante Valentine, Levishea "Six" Freeman. Gertavian Blake, Jarett Smith, leading to the Gold going up 74-39 at halftime.  The Gold would play amazing defense with Dezmond Brown leading the way creating several 3-D opportunities for The Gold. At The End Of 3 it was Gold 123 Galaxy 61. The 4th quarter would be one of the highest scoring quarters for The Gold this season with many great highlights from Charlie "Cobra" Coley, Shedrick Haynes, Gertavian Blake, Dante Valentine, Downtown Freddy Brown, Marquis Mathis, Mike Pugh, Scott Draughn, Levishea "Six" Freeman, and Jarett Smith.  As the Gold sought to secure the victory Daniel St. Just entered the game playing outstanding defense and contributing on offense. When the final buzzer sounded it was Gold 179 Galaxy 76 proving that commitment and communication leads to victory.
      The Gold will be on The Road against their rival The Jacksonville Giants on 12/6 and 12/7. The 12/6 game will be on ESPN 3 at 8 PM.

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